Hear how ESP can transform your practice

For millennia, humans have used the voice and sound as conduits to activate the body's natural healing abilities, foster deep relaxation, and navigate through challenging emotions.

Combining voice-based techniques with entheogens in therapeutic settings can offer a profoundly potent experience, unlocking pathways to a deeper sense of well-being.

Unveil new dimensions for your clients through the power of vocalization. Distinguish your practice by offering unique tools that enrich your offerings.

Working with Serena has brought myself and my patients profound transformation. Her warmth and charisma as a facilitator match the power and precision she uses to identify where an individual is struggling or stuck. In leading groups with Serena for the Psychedelic Voice, a group experience that uses low dose ketamine and vocal activation to connect people to their authentic voices, I have been awed by her ability to awaken joy, playfulness and depth within participants. Serena's talents range from her personal musical gifts to crafting individualized rituals and intuitive plans for people to expansive, wise minded and open hearted group facilitation -- her expertise and delight will help you or your organization make long lasting changes in an easeful way; I can't recommend her enough!

Carrie Griffin, DO

Physician, Trauma Therapist and Founder, Center for New Growth

Entheogenic Sound Protocols is a comprehensive 4-month training program designed for mental health practitioners to integrate powerful voice-based healing modalities into therapy sessions. The program offers an experiential exploration of transformative tools that help unlock the power of the voice – and can significantly enhance the effectiveness of a client’s journey with an entheogen.

Enhance your practice by developing a customized playbook of tools that aligns with the core essence of your practice - drawing from ancient psychospiritual voice rituals and the latest field-tested techniques.

ESP builds your skills incrementally over four distinct phases:





" At the root of all power and motion, there is music and rhythm, the play of patterned frequencies against the matrix of time. We know that every particle in the physical universe takes its characteristics from the pitch and pattern and overtones of its particular frequencies, its singing. Before we make music, music makes us."

Joachim-Ernst Berendt, The World is Sound

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